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“I'm bringing sexy back.”

— Justin Timberlake



Jeffery Warren's photography experience started over 20 years ago...

Around 2010, when boudoir was making a big comeback he was asked by a major online bulk sales site to feature boudoir packages after reviewing his fashion portfolio. Jeffery agreed and shaped a certain boudoir style unique to this day.

After making a location move to the Sacramento area, Now he's back and head of Visually Stimulated, a new boudoir studio offering the highest quality, imagery possible. With a new service, adding video fusion to boudoir packages!

"After taking some off to focus on video and family, I was sitting at home looking through my old IPAD. I saw a beautiful image of a woman. It was sexy and mysterious, it really caught my eye! I suddenly realized it was something I photographed a few years earlier. It was my image!

I started to look through my Boudoir portfolio, then I looked at what the market was offering today. It became apparent to me that my style is still very unique. I love the moody, sexy, non -camera present look and feel. I always felt like this is what guys really want to see from a boudoir session of the woman they love and desire... Not that blown-out white room, big open window look. It's not for me...It's not for my clients. Men are visually stimulated and I shoot from the male perspective."

Jeffery Warren, Maxim Magazine 2012 


Light and beauty

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